ALACCBPR - Aluminum Fixed Ladder Over Parapet Wall

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ALACCBPR - Aluminum Fixed Ladder Over Parapet Wall

This model ALACCBPR ladder permanently attaches to a structure; it is designed to allow access up and over roof parapet walls. Parapet walls are often used for safety reasons, to prevent people from falling off the roof. This ladder comes standard with P shaped vertical walk through handrails that extend over 42" above the top rung. P-shaped handrails are a type of handrail that have a shape similar to the letter "P". This type of handrail is often used on ladders because it provides a secure grip for the user's hands. These walk through handrails are 24" wide at the top. The fixed ladder has an I-beam side rail, deeply serrated rungs, 8" stand off wall brackets, and floor mount brackets. All components (excluding hardware) are mill finish aluminum. The aluminum access ladder is shipped in sections of 10' or less. Simple and easy assembly is required after receipt of shipment. I

When installing a mill finish aluminum fixed ladder with P-shaped handrails over a roof parapet wall, it's important to ensure that the ladder is securely attached to the wall and that the handrails provide adequate support for the user. The ladder should also be designed and installed in accordance with relevant safety standards, such as OSHA regulations. It may be necessary to hire a professional contractor or engineer to design and install the ladder, especially if the installation is complex or requires modifications to the building structure.

This fixed ladder that is OSHA approved and complies with ANSI 14.3 standards. 


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Size Chart


STRUCTURAL CALCULATIONS and DESIGN: Structural calculations that are required by the construction documents are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Buyer. All structural design and work necessary for the installation of Seller’s goods, are the sole and exclusive responsibility of Buyer and/or third party(ies). Structural design must be structurally adequate to support Seller’s goods. If additional structural support is required for the installation of Seller’s goods, all costs and time impacts accompanying such structural support additions are the sole and exclusive responsibility of Buyer and/or third party(ies).

Local Codes, Ordinances, and Rules and Regulations: Buyer is required to confirm that ladder installation and design comply with all appropriate laws, codes, rules and regulations, and local ordinances.

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Anonymous R.

Great Product and customer support

Needed an aluminum fixed ladder for my project and I came across Decided to make the order, received a phone call from Tony regarding lead time which I thought was great. He gave me an estimated ship date and wanted to be certain that I would be there to receive. The 18' ladder arrived at my office without any damage on a single pallet. It was simple and easy to put together and also durable. It only took 8 bolts and the ladder assembly was finished. After lagging the fixed ladder into the wall, I can tell you that it is very sturdy, it doesn't shake or wobble at all when climbing, and it looks very clean compared to steel. If you are looking for an aluminum roof access ladder, definitely think about giving these guys a try.