Babcock Davis Aluminum Roof Hatch

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Babcock Davis Aluminum Roof Hatch

This aluminum roof hatch provides a means of safe access to the roof of your building. These roof hatches are most commonly used with roof access ladders. The fixed ladder extends into the lid of the roof hatch for safe egress onto the roof. When you pair the roof hatch with the ladder and roof hatch safety railing or a ladder up post, it allows for the climber to hold something while egressing on and off the roof.

This aluminum roof hatch comes in a variety of sizes. It has a metal cover that is stiffened to withstand a live load of 40 pounds per square foot with a max deflection of 1/150 the span. roof cricket comes standard with a single wall curb, insulated with 1 inch fiberboard and 1 inch polystyrene cover, integrated with the EZ tab counterflashing and mounting flange to allow for easy installation/ roof in. This aluminum hatch comes standard with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.


Product Data



BA3630 36" x 30" Mill Alum. BA3630
BA3636 36" x 36" Mill Alum. BA3636
BA4848 48" x 48" Mill Alum. BA4848
BA3054 30" x 54" Mill Alum. BA3054