ALACCB - Aluminum Fixed Ladder with Walk Through Boarding Rails

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ALACCB - Aluminum Fixed Ladder with Walk Through Handrails

This aluminum fixed ladder with P-shaped walk-through boarding rails is a type of ladder commonly used for providing safe and easy access to elevated areas such as roofs, mezzanines, and other walking-working surfaces. It is designed with sturdy aluminum material and comes equipped with P-shaped boarding rails that allow users to walk through the ladder safely without the risk of falling.

The ladder has two I beam side rails that are connected by rungs or steps, which users can climb up and down. This access ladder has deeply serrated 1-1/4" diameter aluminum rungs that are manufactured to allow the climber maximum grip. The P-shaped boarding rails are positioned on both sides of the ladder, providing a barrier to prevent users from accidentally falling off the ladder. The aluminum pipe handrails provides a comfortable hand grip for the climber, increasing their grip and making the ladder easier to climb and descend.

The walk-through design of the boarding rails allows users to enter and exit the ladder safely at the top of the platform or elevated area. This ladder can be installed securely to the structure using brackets or bolts, ensuring stability and safety during use.

Overall, an aluminum fixed ladder with P-shaped walk-through boarding rails is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a safe and reliable way to access elevated areas. The P-shaped boarding rails make it easier and more comfortable to climb and descend the ladder while also providing a secure and stable surface for the user to hold onto.

This aluminum fixed ladder is spliced together and ships knocked down for field assembly.  


To measure for a ladder with walk-through handrails, you will need to take into account the height of the area you need to access, as well as the angle of the ladder and the distance from the ladder to the surface you will be accessing.

Determine the height of the walking working surface that you will be accessing: Measure the vertical distance from the ground or floor to the surface you will be stepping off too. This will be your "top rung height". You want your "top rung height" to be equal to or greater than the surface you will access.


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