ALACCB - Aluminum Fixed Ladder with Walk Through Boarding Rails

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Aluminum Fixed Ladder with Walk Through Handrails - Model ALACCB

This access ladder is meant for access from one walking/working surface to another and can be used for either exterior or interior applications. This fixed ladder is 20" wide and comes with walk through handrails that extend at least 42" above the top of rung of the ladder and widen out to 24" for comfortable walk through access. This roof access ladder has 1-1/4" diam. aluminum rungs that are deeply serrated for optimum grip for the climber. The stand off wall brackets on this ladder give the climber 8" between the center of the rung back side of the wall bracket. The walk through handrails are formed with 1.5" aluminum pipe that is fully welded at the close of the "P" shape. The wall brackets are formed from 2.5" wide x 1/4" 6061 T6 aluminum alloy bar. The ladder comes standard with "L" shaped floor brackets with 1/2" holes pre-drilled for mounting hardware (hardware by others). The ladder can be cut at the bottom to accommodate different building or mezzanine platform heights.

This aluminum fixed ladder ships in sections that must be spliced together in the field prior to installing the ladder. This allows us to ship longer ladders on a pallet to prevent damage in transit.  


Measuring for your model ALACCB fixed ladder:

  1. Measure from the lower walking working surface to the upper walking working surface or roof.
  2. Order the fixed ladder size that has a top rung equal to or greater than the actual measurement from the lower walking working surface to the upper walking working surface noted in step one.
  3. Once received, you may need to cut the ladder down to have the top rung equal to the upper walking working surface. This cut can be accomplished using a sawzaw with a metal cutting blade. All appropriate safety equipment must be worn whenever working with power tools and metal.

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