Aluminum Extension Ladder Safety Label Kit

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Aluminum Extension Ladder Safety Label Kit

Werner's Aluminum Safety Label Kit, a must-have for professionals who prioritize safety and compliance when working with aluminum extension ladders. Our kit includes a comprehensive set of ladder stickers and extension ladder labels, all designed to enhance safety awareness and adherence to industry regulations.

Werner's Aluminum Safety Label Kit provides a range of essential stickers and labels that can be easily affixed to aluminum extension ladders. This kit includes all the safety labels for Aluminum Extension Ladders that you will need. It is required by OSHA to have all safety labels on the ladder while it is being used.

The stickers prominently display crucial safety information, and proper ladder usage guidelines, serving as constant reminders for workers. Additionally, the extension ladder labels offer clear warnings about potential hazards, such as electrical risks or unstable surfaces, preventing accidents and injuries.

Our Aluminum Safety Label Kit is an ideal choice for construction companies, maintenance crews, and professionals who rely on aluminum extension ladders in their daily tasks. Werner's Aluminum Safety Label Kit is designed to withstand harsh conditions, including exposure to water, UV rays, and general wear and tear. These durable labels maintain their visibility and integrity, ensuring long-lasting safety benefits for your workforce.

One kit is good for one ladder. Weight Capacity Sticker Sold Seperately.