ALACCBP - Aluminum Fixed Ladder with Walk Through Handrails and Platform

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ALACCBP - Aluminum Fixed Ladder with Walk Through Handrails and Platform

This aluminum fixed ladder with P-shaped walk-through boarding rails and step off platform is a type of ladder commonly used for providing safe and easy access to elevated areas such as roofs, mezzanines, and other walking-working surfaces. It is designed with high quality aluminum material and comes equipped with P-shaped boarding rails that allow users to walk through the ladder safely without the risk of falling.

The walk-through design of the boarding rails allows users to enter and exit the ladder safely and securely at the walking-working surface that they are accessing. This ladder can be installed securely to the structure using the appropriate attachment hardware.

Overall, this aluminum fixed ladder is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a safe and reliable way to access elevated areas. The P-shaped boarding rails make it easier and more comfortable to climb and descend the ladder while also providing a secure and stable surface for the user to hold onto.

This ladder ships in spliced sections and requires some assembly onsite. Simple fastening and some drilling may be required.


To measure for a ladder with walk-through handrails, you will need to take into account the height of the area you need to access, as well as the distance from the ladder to the surface you will be accessing.

  1. Determine the height of the walking working surface that you will be accessing
  2. Measure the vertical distance from the lowest walking working surface to the walking working surface that you will be accessing.
  3. Order a ladder where the "step off platform clearance" is greater than the vertical distance of your lower walking working surface to the elevated area that you will be accessing. You want your "step off platform clearance" to be equal to or greater than the elevation of the surface that you will be access.
  4. When you receive your ladder, you may remove the floor brackets and cut it to the perfect length. If you do not want to cut your ladder in the field, please mention the actual bottom of ladder feet to the underside of the step off platform dimension. You must order a ladder that is longer than your actual.
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  2. Assumption of Risk: The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that the use of the aluminum fixed access ladder carries inherent risks, and the Buyer assumes all responsibility for using the ladder safely and in compliance with all relevant safety regulations and guidelines.

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  4. Compliance with Safety Standards: The Seller warrants that the aluminum fixed access ladder complies with all applicable safety standards and regulations. However, the Buyer acknowledges and agrees that proper installation of the ladder is essential for ensuring its safe use and compliance with federal, state, and local safety standards. The Buyer shall be solely responsible for installing the ladder in accordance with any applicable industry standards or local regulations. The Buyer further agrees to follow all local rules and guidelines related to ladder installation and usage to ensure compliance with safety requirements for its intended use.

  5. Inspection and Maintenance: The Buyer agrees to inspect the ladder regularly and maintain it in good working condition. Any defects or damages should be promptly reported to the Seller, and the ladder should not be used until repairs or replacements are made.

  6. Disclaimer of Warranty: The Seller disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The ladder is sold "as is" without any warranties except as expressly stated herein.