780P+ Xtend and Climb Telescoping Ladder

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780P+ Xtend and Climb Telescoping Ladder


The Xtend+Climb® Pro Series 780P+ is a heavy-duty telescoping ladder used by thousands of commercial contractors. It’s lightweight, but durable enough for a pro. It opens to 12.5 feet, and closes to 32.25 inches, making it useful, easy to transport and even easier to store.

Pros like it, because the closed size means extra room in the truck, storage unit or garage for more tools or workspace. It’s also perfect for do-it-yourselfers that require the heaviest-duty tools to get the job done, freeing up more room in the garage. The ladder locks by the foot, so it's only as tall as you need it to be. And everyone likes an adjustable ladder that is easy to transport both to and around the job site.

We get testimonials raving about the ladder’s features from painters, roofers, contractors and homeowners alike. Go to a dealer and check out a 780P+. Trying one makes you a believer