Babcock Davis 36x36 Aluminum Roof Hatch - BA3636

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Product Description

Babcock Davis 36×36 Inch Aluminum Roof Hatch

The Babcock Davis 36×36 Inch Aluminum Roof Hatch, model BA3636, provides safe access to roof areas on your building. Sized for ladder, ship stair, and service stair access with optional safety railings, grab bars and a variety of materials and finishes. These roof hatches are most commonly used with roof access ladders. Industrial Ladder's fixed ladder can be made with walk through handrails, ladder safety cage, and roof access ladder security doors. 

The Babcock Davis BA3636 roof access hatch is 36" x 36" inside dimension. They are constructed with 11 guage mill finish aluminum. These roof scuppers come with a standard mill finish. The metal cover is stiffened to withstand a live load of 40 psf with a max deflection of 1/150 the span. The Babcock davis 36" x 36" roof hatch has a single wall curb, insulated with 1 inch fiberboard and 1 inch polystyrene cover, integrated with the EZ tab counterflashing and mounting flange. This roof access hatch comes standard with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. If this is not the brand or size you are looking for, please click 'roof hatches' for a list of all of our roof access hatches. For access to more product specifications, please visit Babcock Davis's website by clicking 'here'.


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