Rainbow Protech Series Attic Ladder

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Rainbow Protech Series Attic Ladder

The Rainbow Protech Series attic Stair is designed to carry a 30 minute fire rating. This ladder is Rainbow's all steel, fire rated attic stair. This attic access ladder will accommodate a ceiling as low as 8'-0" and as high as 10'-0". It fits a rough opening size of 23.5" x 51.25" and comes in the color white.

  • 350 lb. weight capacity
  • 8′ to 10′ height range
  • All powder coated steel stair sections
  • Heavy duty welded hinges
  • Strong 3/4″ melamine finish frame
  • 2″ powder coated steel door – 30 Minute Fire Rated
  • Built-in 2″ steel trim – No molding needed
  • Weather stripping to reduce drafts and air leaks
  • Specialized steel hangers to simplify installation
  • Side spring assists for aid in folding stairs
  • Stair stand-offs for toe room when climbing
  • One piece all steel handrail
  • Protective floor bumpers
  • Pole and hook to open / close door

If a fire rating is required for your application, please check your local building code for time requirement. This model carries a 30 minute fire rating. Click here for PDF of fire rating certificate.

Size Chart
Model #  Rough Opening Height Range Tread Width Color


22.5" x 60"

8'-0" to 10'-0"






Installation Guide

Fire Rating Certificate