LSF Fire Rated Attic Ladder

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LSF is a fire rated attic ladder allowing easy and safe access to your attic space. This LSF attic ladder fits a ceiling height range of 7'-10.5" to 10'-6". A contemporary system of folding ladder enables the frame  to be smaller than standard attic ladder frame sizes. This telescoping attic ladder is designed to fit in tighter spaces while maintaining fire resistance standards. The inner part of the frame is equipped with a gasket, which under the influence of high temperature expands and prevents the smoke from entering the higher floors. 

The LSF attic ladder has a metal white trim finish creating a beautiful outline in your attic opening. The tread has a maximum weight rating of 350lbs making this a great fit for your residential attic. It also has a door that carries a 3.2 R value which helps keep your house insulated.