Steps to Take Before Ordering a Roof Hatch Ladder

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Steps to Take Before Ordering a Roof Hatch Ladder

Steps to Take Before Ordering a Roof Hatch Ladder

So you need a ladder to access the roof of a building. Well you are in luck. You can count on AnyLadder getting the job done. We offer deluxe aluminum access ladders at an affordable cost to you. We ship the ladder broken down to limit high costly freight expenses and to reduce damage during the shipping process. So what is the first step to take before buying a roof access ladder online?

1. Know your code:

There are different rules, regulations, and government entities that regulate the safety requirements required for roof access ladders. Be familiar with your local codes and regulations. One regulation you must always take in to account is the overall length in the ladder or climbing height. If it is greater than 20' (CAL/OSHA), you are required to have fall protection on the ladder. 

2. Take accurate measurements:

Measure from your roof hatch lid (closed) to your finished floor. Make note of the elevations of the structural backing that the ladder will attach to. You will also need to think about the ladder wall brackets. Some safety organizations require a minimum of 7" from the center of the ladder rung to the nearest structure behind the ladder. Are there any pipes running on the wall? Is the roof hatch offset from the wall that the ladder is attaching to? These are questions that you need to ask yourself before buying your roof hatch ladder.

3. Size your Ladder:

The most important measurement you took above was the finished floor to the roof hatch lid. Your top rung height should be no more than 12" from the roof hatch lid and the overall length of the ladder should be less than the dimension from your finished floor to roof hatch lid. Then, make note if you need longer wall brackets. 

3. Order online:

You can order your roof hatch ladder online by clicking 'Aluminum Fixed Ladder'. Every time you order through us, you always receive a courtesy call to go over all the details with your ladder.  We make sure we get all the details correct before prepping your ladder for shipment. If you make an order, you will usually hear from us within 24 hours.