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Roof Hatch Ladder Design

Roof Hatch Ladder Design

Before diving into this blog it is important to note that building codes change in different cities and states. It is the responsibility of the reader to research all local code and building ordinances before designing a roof hatch ladder.

What is the size of the building?

Federal OSHA states that if a ladder exceeds 24' in length then a ladder fall protection system is required. Fall protection systems historically meant ladder safety cages. Today, this is not the case. Now, a fall protection cable system is required on ladders over 24' in length. Another design change required based on height is the use of a roof access ladder rest platform. You are required to have a rest platform on ladders or climbs exceeding 30' in length. This can be a pricy design change so if at possible, keep the ladder less than  30' in length. It may be more beneficial to add a mezzanine to your building instead.

Is the roof hatch flush with the wall that the roof hatch ladder will attach to?

It is important to know if the wall that the roof hatch ladder is attaching to is flush with the wall because federal OSHA requires a minimum of 7" from the center of the ladder rung to the nearest point/structure/fixture on the wall. This can be a wood block, electrical conduit, pipe, or anything else that pops off the wall. If your roof hatch is not flush, no worries because you can have Industrial Ladder manufacture the ladder with longer wall brackets. 

Ladder Safety Post

Anytime you have a ladder going up to a roof hatch you should always design the ladder with a ladder up safety post. The babcock davis BSPY ladder safety post is the premier design for ladder safety posts. The Safety Post is designed in compliance to OSHA to extend 42 inches above a landing platform to provide safe ladder access through a roof hatch. The spring assisted telescoping design mounts to the top two rungs of your fixed vertical ladder.

Do you need security on your roof ladder?

Is your roof access ladder being designed on school grounds, a prison, or in a neighborhood that is common for thievery? If so, it is recommended that you design the ladder with a security door. Industrial Ladder manufactures a 92" tall security door that wraps around the ladder to protect the front and sides from thieves. 

Still confused or have questions?

If you would like assistance on your roof access ladder design, you can reach out to Industrial Ladder and Scaffolding, Inc. They have a professional team that would be happy to assist you.