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All You Need to Know about Rainbow Attic Ladders

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Rainbow is one of the leading manufacturers in the attic ladder industry. Their product line includes a variety of styles of attic ladders that are all made with quality materials and craftsmanship. Some of their styles include telescoping attic ladders, folding attic ladders, and electrically operated attic ladders. They also come with different climbing angles, weight ratings and fire ratings. In this blog I will detail the different models that Rainbow Attic Ladders has to offer.

Rainbow Prestige Attic Ladder

One of the Rainbow's most commonly sold attic ladders. This is a telescoping attic ladder that carries a 350 lb. weight capacity and will fit a ceiling height between 7'-4" and 11'-6". The telescoping style has added benefits from your traditional drop down folding attic ladder. The biggest added benefit is the ease of operation. The Prestige attic ladder comes standard with a pole and hook so you simply pull the door down, grab the end of the stairs with the hook, and pull the stairs down to the grown. The telescoping design makes the ladder feel very lightweight while allowing it to still have strength and sturdiness when using the stair to access your attic. The prestige model has a 3/4" melamine (shiny white) finish door while other manufacturers typically only include a 1/2" plywood door. The prestige attic door also has a weatherstripping to reduce draft and air leaks. Also included in the door is a 2" styrofoam insulation. Installation is a breeze as you can see from the video below.

Installation Video:

Rainbow Star Attic Ladder

The Rainbow Star Attic Ladder is similar to the Prestige Attic Ladder just without all the bells and whistles. It still carries a 350 lb capacity which is more than your typical folding attic ladder. This telescoping attic ladder is made for ceiling heights of 7'-4" to 10'-0" and rough opening dimensions of 22.5" to 30" widths and 36" to 60" lengths. The main difference between this model and the prestige model is that the Star excludes the telescoping handrail (optional add on), and 1" of insulation in the door panel. The door panel still comes with the melamine (shiny white) finish on both sides. It also has the weather stripping to reduce drafts and air leaks. Operation is the same as the Prestige attic stair. Next up is Rainbow's F Seriees or their tallest folding attic ladder made for short to high ceilings.

Rainbow F Series Attic Ladder (tall line)

Rainbow's F Series carries a 570 lb. weight capacity and is suitable for commercial use. It fits ceiling ranging from 8' to 15' heights. It comes standard with large handrails at the top of the ladder to assist on access in and out of your attic or mezzanine. This model is a three piece folding attic ladder which saves space in your attic when in the stowed position but also allows you to reach ceiling heights greater than 12' (uncommon for other attic ladders). The stair treads and side rail are all powder coated steel. Assist springs assist with the opening and closing of the attic ladder. This ladder comes standard with a 1/2" plywood door (unpainted). More details about this ladder are detailed in the video below.

Operation of the 15' tall Rainbow F Series attic ladder (video below):

Rainbow G Series Attic Ladder

This ladder is suitable for commercial use as it carries a 570 lb. weight capacity. It fits ceiling heights ranging from 7'-4" to 10'-4". It fits rough opening dimensions ranging from 22" to 30" widths and 75" long. The most beneficial aspect of this stair is the comfortable 55 degree climbing angle. Like the f series, the g series comes standard with safety handles at the top of the stair. It also has powder coated steel side rails and treads and a 1/2" plywood door. The treads come standard with anti-skid grip tape o the steps. As you can see in the video below, this model mimics the f series attic ladder with the added comfort of the 55 degree climbing angle.

Rainbow Galaxy Stair (electronically operated attic ladder)

Rainbow's Galaxy requires no manual operation but it is available if needed so it is great for homeowners who would normally have difficulty opening and closing a standard attic ladder. This remote controlled stair carries a 350 lb. weight capacity and a fire rating of 30 minutes. It fits a ceiling height ranging from 7'-2" to 10'-2" and a rough opening dimensions of 27.75" x 55.25". All stair components are powder coated for a beautiful finish. Rainbow's Galaxy series electric attic ladder features a safety mechanism that stops the stair if a person or object is encountered. Here is a video below showing it's electronic operation.

The galaxy attic stair is perfect for people that don't want to muscle around with a folding attic ladder. Rainbow has most recently come out with the Galaxy 2 to support more size choices.

Rainbow Galaxy 2

Rainbow's Galaxy II is another electronic operated attic ladder that allows for ceiling heights ranging from 7'-6" to 10' and a rough opening ranging from 22.5" to 30" wide and 53.5" to 59.5" long. the stair components are all powder coated steel and the door panel is 1/2" finished plywood door that is unpainted. It has a 1-1/4" steel trim so there is no ceiling mold needed. The door comes standard with a weather stripping to reduce drafts and air leaks. Like the Galaxy attic ladder, this newer model also can be manually operated in case of power failure. This ladder also comes equipped with a handrail on both sides for support when ascending and descending the ladder.

This blog has detailed some, but not all of Rainbow's attic ladders. Some models that are missing include the Protech, Protech-12, Wall Access telescoping ladder, the Lofty, and the drop ceiling stair if you have a ceiling that is far below the attic floor. I will detail these ladder in a future blog. If you have any questions, please email us at