Fire Extinguishers on Construction Sites

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Fire Extinguishers on Construction Sites

Fire Extinguishers on Construction Sites

If you have ever worked for a subcontractor then you have been on your fair share of construction projects. I am sure you have noticed that some projects are safer than others. Me personally, I worked as a assistant superintendent out of college for a big time general contractor in the Bay Area. One of my responsibilities was to conduct safety walks early in the morning and periodically throughout the day. One day, I was transferred to a new project in the same company. The first thing I noticed when walking the new project was the lack of fire extinguishers around the area. We had multiple floors and many fire extinguishers were on the ground and in hard to see areas.

fire extinguisher safety compliance issue

I knew this was a major compliance issue and immediately went to find a solution. After searching google for solutions, I stumbled upon the Fire Guard Portable Fire Extinguisher Stand

 Construction Fire Safety Stand

After researching the Fire Guard stand, I knew it was exactly what I needed. It shipped broken down allowing me to order a large quantity while minimizing freight expenses. When they arrived, we immediately delivered them to all of our jobsites. Now, when you walk around their jobsites (I say "their" because I no longer work there) you see Fire Guard Stands on every floor. These extinguisher stands are great because they increase visibility of the fire extinguishers. They also limit people from using them in an immature manner. With the capability of locking the cabinet, you know if the fire extinguisher was used by the broken clear panel lens. This can increase the lifespan of the charge on your fire extinguisher. No longer will you have to worry about Tommy shooting Billy in the face with pressurized extinguisher chemicals.

Another reason why I like these stands is the ease of transportation. When you get done with one project, they are quick and simple to disassemble. This makes it easy to pack them up and ship them back to the office or on to the next jobsite. They also allow contractors to save time and money by reducing the materials and labor involved with making jobsite stands. Job built extinguisher stands will take a typical laborer one hour to build. When you add in the cost of paint, wood, concrete, etc. you end up spending more than you would on these stands. In the long run, you will save money and better display safety on your jobsite.