Lane-Aire Steel Roof Hatch

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Lane-Aire Steel Roof Hatch

Lane Aire manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing roof hatches for years. This roof hatch is manufactured in the U.S. with quality materials and workmanship. The fiberglass insulation is not wrapped with tape like your typical roof hatch. Instead, Lane-Aire designs the roof hatch to have a small piece of sheet metal hold the insulation in place. This design limits damage when moving the roof hatch from warehouse to construction site and ground level to roof level. Lane Aire also uses a heavy duty hold open spring that can handle the load of the door better than any other roof hatch brand I have seen. If you need a roof access hatch then please be sure to give Lane Aire a try.


Lane Aire galvanized steel roof hatches are standard with the following:

  • Roof hatch cover shall be (14 GA galvanized steel) with a 1" fiberglass insulation and a cover liner of (22 GA galvanized steel)
  • Roof Hatch curb shall be (14 GA galvanized steel) with a rigid 1" insulation at the exterior. Curb shall be 12" high and equipped with a 3 1/2" wide mounting flange with pre-drilled holes for easy installation.
  • Lane Aire roof hatch shall be equipped with heavy duty pintle hinges, inside lever handle, outside turn handle; positive action hold open arm, inside and outside lugs for padlocking, and continuous draft seal around the cover perimeter.
  • Galvanized steel units shall be factory prime painted bright blue.
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty
 Model I.D. (inches) O.D. (inches) Shop Drawing
RHG3232 24 x 24 32 x 32 RHG3232
RHG3238 24 x 30 32 x 38 RHG3238
RHG3244 24 x 36 32 x 44 RHG3244
RHG3838 30 x 30 38 x 38 RHG3838
RHG3844 30 x 36 38 x 44 RHG3844
RHG3862 30 x 54 38 x 62 RHG3862
RHG38104 30 x 96 38 x 104 RHG38104
RHG4444 36 x 36 44 x 44 RHG4444
RHG4456 36 x 48 44 x 56 RHG4456
RHG4480 36 x 72 44 x 80 RHG4480
RHG44104 36 x 96 44 x 104 RHG44104
RHG5656 48 x 48 56 x 56




Specifications - Lane Aire Steel Roof Hatch

Shop Drawing - Lane Aire Steel Roof Hatch