Bessler Model 40 Attic Stair

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Bessler Model 40 Attic Stair

Bessler is the manufacturer of the original disappearing stairway. You don't climb up a Bessler Stairway as it is not a ladder. It is a heavy duty disappearing stairway that offers safe access from one level to another. This attic stair is recommended if you travel up and down into your attic or mezzanine frequently. These stairs require some installation but once installed, they will last a lifetime. Each Bessler disappearing attic stairway does not fold, but instead, slides into and out of your attic featuring a one piece design for added strength. Constructed with kiln dried yellow pine, this stairway carries a 600 lb. capacity rating. Most other brands max out around 350. The stairway comes with a handrail that can be grasped before even taking your first step up the stair into the attic.

The model 40 differs from the model 30 by being a little bit wider in the panel opening. The model 30 disappearing stairway was designed to be installed between standard 24" on center trusses. The model 40 was designed to have a slightly larger opening when accessing your attic or mezzanine.

  • 57 degree incline angle
  • Rating = 600 lb. capacity
  • Fits floor below to floor above heights ranging from 7’-7” to 10’-10”
  • Solid One piece stairway (does not fold)
  • The very best. Solid one piece stringers and treads of selected 1x8 kiln dried yellow pine.
  • Ladder rod under each tread for added strength and rigidity.
  • Full length handrail.
  • Ladder width 17-1/16"
  • Grade A 1 3/8" hollow core door.
  • Shipping weight approximately 90 lbs.
  • Ships disassembled in multiple loose boxes
  • Finished jamb and trim not included
  • For both residential and commercial use
Size Chart

Bessler Model 40 Size Chart, Disappearing Wooden Stairway


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